Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Halloween

I just ordered my daughter's Halloween costume. She kept telling me I needed one. Yeah-do I want to be a sexy policewoman, kitten, or maybe a sexy nurse? I felt like I was looking at an adult "spice up your sex life" porn site more than a Halloween costume shop. I know I love Wonder Woman but I'm not walking around in the equivalent of a blue and red bathing suit unless I'm at a pool.

I'd love to join with a crafty friend to produce really fun yet cool adult costumes. Something where I won't need fishnet stockings, a push-up bra and 20 years off of my age....although I wouldn't have been a sexy ninja at 22 either.

I'm really not a prude-ask anyone. But when did Halloween for women become more about looking like you should be swinging around a pole than going to a neighborhood costume party?

Two years ago I was Facebook. I took two large pieces of cardboard and put them together like an advertiser walking the streets of New York. On the front piece I created a Facebook page complete with the status' of friends at the party (made up of course). The back I had a pen for people to write on my wall.

You can steal that idea if you want-you're welcome.

I heard on the radio about a guy who wrapped himself up in wrapping paper and wore a necklace that said "To Women. From God."

Last year at a party a guy wore a t-shirt with candy sewn on it saying "Hey kids-want some candy?" The back said "and help me find my puppy, give me directions, get in my van, be my best friend." Okay-it may not be exactly word for word but I thought it was amusing-especially as a self defense instructor.
These are thinking outside the box costumes. Minimal cost and a little creativity is all it takes.

I rarely turn the television on during the day but the one morning I love the Today Show is Halloween. All of New York and beyond get crafty. You see how amazing and unique people can be.

I'm not sure what this has to do with anything beyond the fact that I don't want "sexy" in the name of any costume I wear unless it's in private (nudge nudge wink wink). So maybe more of a complaint than a blog. Unless I can coach someone on creativity.....

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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