Saturday, March 16, 2013

Motivational Mojo

"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it."
~Raymond Chandler

Wikipedia defines Motivation as:
1) The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.
2) The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

Motivation is that missing link at times to do what we need to do. At this very moment I am seriously lacking motivation. In fact I'm procrastinating by writing a blog.

We all have a hard time getting motivated for things we dislike or things that intimidate us. Mine is a bit of both. I'm putting off biology. I hate it and it intimidates me. The office manager where I work looks at my massive book and gets excited. I look at it and get nauseous. Then I look at her and tell her she's weird.

It's been two decades since freshman biology at Gettysburg and I remember struggling then. That was when my brain was young and sharp and my only distraction was a terrible roommate and when I'd go to my next meal.

Now it's easy to check Facebook or my email 20 times, decide to organize the clutter, fold laundry, go for a run or write a blog for crap sake. 

So where do we find the motivation? How do we make ourselves "just do it" as the Nike commercial says?

Often it takes us being accountable to someone or some thing. A deadline, a reward, a penalty or simply the idea that we're letting someone down can be what gets you from point A to point B. A huge part of coaching is being that person who keeps you focused, on task and keeping momentum in what we struggle with on our own. 

But I have a loose deadline and no one to be accountable to but me. Yet if I don't do it I'm not only wasting my own time and money but not achieving the goals I set out to accomplish in (maybe) less than two years. So I basically have to find my study mojo.

I was thinking about some kind of rewards system but a) I'm broke and b) I have nothing I want. I could put a friend up to being my study Nazi. But then I might become bitter to whatever friend takes that roll and I love my friends too much. 

So my plan instead is to find a coach by going to the organization I received my coaching certification and employ a student (free) to use me as practice. If I have to touch base with someone once a week and explain that I spent an hour on Pinterest when I was supposed to be making a study guide I may stay on task. 

But it's a funny quote under an angry cat and a recipe for soup!



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  3. I've read an interesting post somewhere asking what would be preferable to base actions on. Motivation or discipline. It continued to essentially bash down the value of motivation, since its fleeting, situational, everywhere. So in essence for any long term goal useless.

    It continued stating discipline is consistent, habitual and something that will give long term reward. It even continued stating that no long term goal can be reached without discipline.

    So why the interest in motivation when one could consider any situation in which one is not motivated as a chance to develop discipline, unless there would be a way on how to develop motivation using a form of self-deception. Which is very difficult to do yourself.