Thursday, June 20, 2013

Past and Present

So here's a first-no quote. Just me.

I've been thinking a lot about how the past and the present can intertwine. Let's face it, most of us want to forget our past. As adults they include mistakes and poor decisions.

But what if occasionally, rarely, phenomenally our past helps or coincides with our present?

I'm living that at the moment.

This blog started last week at my parent's house in Ocean City, NJ. They've had the property since I was a kid. They both grew up right outside of Ocean City so all of my relatives live nearby, especially my grandparents who have all since past.

I try to bring my kids there as much as possible over the summer. Hey-it's free-and it's such a fantastic place for kids. The boardwalk is almost another life in itself and the beach is our happy place.

This last trip I was going for a run. Our place backs up to a bird sanctuary which I love. This time of year it's full of baby bunnies, blackberry bushes and a special oriole that would dive bomb me as I ran by.

My oriole wasn't there for the first time in three years. But a large section of honeysuckle bushes had appeared. That smell brings back strong childhood memories of hikes and adventures. I had to stop and touch them.

And that is exactly the way memories introducing themselves are, usually when we are looking for something and not finding it, something else nudges in. My oriole was gone but the honeysuckles wanted to talk.

And so is my life. For those who don't know I'm waitressing part time at Isaac's. I worked for them when I was 16, in the kitchen, along with my nanny job and occasional horse related braiding or riding. I have never been one to not work really. So when coaching wasn't doing what I hoped, my teaching was cut back, I went for what I know I can do well-customer service. I waitressed a lot in my younger days and was always good. Plus-this fits in perfectly to my kid's school schedule. Summer is a bit more challenging but shortish shifts make it doable. As a bonus-I really like the people I work with.

And of course, I'm set to marry my best friend. The kicker, he is that now and from high school. Funny right? Past and present combining?

But the past isn't always bad. Yes, we make mistakes, yes we get hurt, yes we learn. But our past is who we are-it's how we were made. If you like who you are than maybe your past did that for you in a million ways you don't even realize.

And here is where I always put a quote. But instead:

"Your past is what shaped you. Your present is what holds you. Your future is what inspires you."

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