Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cat Call

Okay, I know I usually start with a quote but this subject has little to share. So I'll use my own quote that I wrote a...well...long time ago when I worked for Lancaster Newspapers and decided to do a story on cat calling: "Don't say anything to a women you wouldn't say to your mother."

By now most have seen the viral video of the woman walking the streets of New York for ten hours and the level of calls and attention she received wearing, shockingly, jeans and a t-shirt (gasp-how provocative!!)

As a young girl working in downtown Lancaster I had my share of "calls" which made me write the story. I interviewed men and women of all ages. Most men said it was usually in a group or because they generally thought it would get them the kind of attention they wanted. Women found it scary, invasive and if it was a constant thing they would find themselves altering their paths or changing a routine to avoid it.

I've dealt with it myself recently even at middle age. At my new job last winter there were a few men who viewed me as fresh meat. I would smile and think they were just funny guys but then it would get creepy-no matter how many times I would tell them I was in an incredibly perfect relationship.

So I would stop walking by their area, or if I did have to interact I was all business with possibly a side of slight bitchiness. It worked to an extent but I still avoid these people at all cost. So I had to change my behavior as a woman because some horn-dogs couldn't take a hint (or a two-by-four to the face probably).


I guess it's like any ignorance, whether it's racism or bigotry, some men have come to believe that is how you treat women. Thankfully, I think, the trend is to show our young boys how to respect women as long as the women they come in contact with demand respect. It is a two way street at times so road blocks need to be established.

As for me and work....tomorrow is our Halloween costume party. Not wanting to buy anything I remembered having cat ears and a tail from when I used to teach young kids. I also have a ton of cordless phones as we got rid of our land line.

I'll be a cat call thank you very much.
Meow and get away from me you creep.

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