Friday, October 2, 2015

Change for a Lifetime

"No one ever drowned in sweat."
~U.S. Marine Corps

I heard something today that I hear frequently when speaking to friends or clients about weight, "If only I were built like you."

I often wonder how to take that. Is it the impression that I can down a cheeseburger and fries five nights a week and still, miraculously, stay thin? Is my physique all about genetics and have nothing to do with exercising regularly and picking better eating options most of the time?

This week I've been bad. I usually do some form of exercise six or seven days a week. With the rain and just not being ready to set foot in the soulless gym I will only get five. Today was a day I opted to work on a project when I wasn't seeing clients and I have already reprimanded myself for it.
I did go out to lunch with my oldest son and I'll admit I was tempted by the crab sliders and sweet potato fries. But today was a lazy day so I went with the light cup of soup and half salad (yet swiped a few fries from my son).

I grab lunch with friends I ride horses with and they'll admit that I usually order my large salad with dressing on the side. (And to be clear this salad is all vegetables and an egg. There is no cheese, croutons, or other items that ruin the value of a salad.) But on occasion I know that won't cut it. I'm craving carbs so I'll get the wrap or, so bad for you crab smothered pretzel. And that's okay. It's only on occasion.

That's what I tell my clients, food is okay. If you deny yourself what you love you will only sabotage yourself later. We all do it. The key in life is moderation, portion control and common sense. If you love ranch dressing get it on the side and drizzle with your fork. If you crave sweet potato fries get a small order and share them with whoever you're with. But if you can simply make better choices, find the healthier options, by all means do that. And PLEASE READ LABELS! Too many adults are awfully unaware of what exactly a portion size is and what a calorie count can quickly rise to.

And as I also tell my clients, you can't move too much. With our busy lives, no one has the time to live at the gym unless you work there. But don't we all have time for at least one 20 minute walk a day? It benefits both the mind and the body. Better yet, squeeze in three walks, or four. Add on deciding to always take the stairs, park farther away or pace while you're on the phone. Just move your body whenever time gives you the opportunity. It actually helps.

So yes, I'm a smaller person. No, that is not from genetics. Yes, I have to actively try to maintain that.

Yes, you can do that too.

Maybe I can help.

Ask me about Healthy Reboot.

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."
~Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto

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