Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Be Better

"Worry is a misuse of the imagination."
~Dan Zadra

Worry, we all do it. We worry about our family, our bills, our jobs, what our friends think or what we may have said, texted, posted or tweeted that could have been taken the wrong way (and most likely nobody cared). We worry about the future in countless large and small ways.

But the future will come, or it won't, despite our worry.

I hear about worry a lot in my job and it's often a tricky subject.

What are you accomplishing by worrying about (fill in the blank)?

How would it change you to let go and live in the moment?

Because that's what we lose in the worry, the moment, today.

My husband and I just had a similar conversation because he never worried about a future until recently. And I, unfortunately, had too many years living with someone who only worried about the future and never enjoyed the present.

I understand having a concern and following up. Whether it's financial and rethinking some savings ideas or refinancing, or medical and having a regular checkup or trying to eat better and move more. But it's when you play the "What if" game that life becomes about hypothetical scenarios and we lose the ability to enjoy what is tangible now.

So my advice (if you care) for the new year from a Life and Wellness coach is simple.

1) Worrying about what is out of your control is as useful as painting a cat blue. It takes a lot of energy, possibly some pain, and useless in the end. Put that energy instead towards something you want to do now. Try a new hobby or exercise class, plan a future vacation, explore your own hometown, visit friends you've missed or simply read a book.

2) Be better. I mean that in the simplest way. Find a way to be better. Whether it's a better parent, spouse, lover, friend, employee or a basically more decent person, do that. Or it could be a better person to yourself. Take better care of you, be nicer to you, do things that will help you live a more fulfilling life. Discover what you need to do and do that. We make our dreams, goals and desires often so much more complicated than they need to be. In my job, it's all about finding the simplest answer to often overcomplicated questions.

So that is my simple answer for a better 2016:

                                                          Stop worrying and be better.

"I'm reminded of the advice of my neighbor. "Never worry about your heart till it stops beating."
~E.B. White

"Dream as if you will live forever; Live as if you will die today."
~James Dean

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