Friday, March 18, 2016

I'm Not Dead Yet

"I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens."
~Woody Allen

My family was discussing when we should get tickets to see a certain superhero movie we are all excited about (with a certain female hero most of you know I girl crush on). I warned them that Friday night I have my "I'm not dead yet dinner." My kids were briefly appalled.

Let me explain.

A group of us get together every other month to celebrate the fact that one gorgeous girl is still with us, fighting the good fight against cancer that's taken residence and likes the host too much to move out. She's gracious that way. We, being a group of hilariously funny people (just ask us) adopted this name compliments of the lead class clown (she's a sexy one at that).

If you have taste in comedy it probably makes you think of the Monty Python Holy Grail scene "bring out your dead!" and you get the idea.  "I think I'll go for a walk!"

Really, all of us, every chance we get, should celebrate not being dead. Seriously, every minute is a gift. Every wasted moment, adventure, opportunity, regret is our own fault in the end. We all have an expiration date.

We hold these excursions like gold because one day our group will grow smaller and it's never a given which one of us it will be. Life and death are unpredictable that way.

Cherish your friends, family and most of all yourself. Give the gift of connecting as much as possible with the people you love and the things you enjoy. Don't wait.

You're not dead yet.

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