Sunday, January 29, 2017

One March, Two March, Red March, Blue March

"Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree, and no one shall make them afraid."
~Hamilton the Musical, George Washington

So my daughter and I went to a little march in Washington and many I know are sick of hearing about it. Certain news coverage of obscene costumes (saw only one, in the many thousands of people I encountered) and litter (the signs were left strategically, and I only saw overflowing trash cans with items neatly stacked next to them because let's face it, women clean shit up) trying to overshadow the historic and world recognized causes. Somehow millions of people worldwide, raising a voice, hurt a lot of people's feelings.

And now we are seeing a march a day, at the least. People standing up for human rights all over the country. Marches planned, movements organized, concerts, mailing agendas and newly created small groups all devoted to making noise, being heard, and not "giving away our shot."

You see, my favorite memory of the march was coming across a family who had traveled from Alaska. They included a nine-year-old girl, her mother, her mother's parents and a great-grandmother, speaking with women from Chicago about the lyrics to a Hamilton song. The girl had been trying to learn the Lafayette rap and the Chicago women admitted they couldn't do it. I chimed in that my daughter could do it. With a look of "WTF MOM!" I asked her what better thing did she have to do at the moment? She broke out in perfect cadence with a Chicago woman doing the side comments in the song. I would have whipped out my phone but she would have shut down immediately. I could not have been prouder.

So now in my car, I'm listening to Hamilton and wishing that was the only politics I need to worry about. But it's not, and it can't be.

This has not been easy for so many people. So many insulted and called names for coming out to say that this administration does not speak for them. We don't want a wall. We don't want a ban on people who desperately need our help. We worry about an administration that thinks they can control women's rights and possibly control human rights. I've been labeled a bleeding heart liberal, a victim and in need of therapy because I can't sit down and shut up.

Don't get me wrong. I ran into a friend today at the grocery store who voted for Trump, and all she had for me was love and interest about Lily and my experience at the march. Curious questions about an event she would never attend but questions with an intellectual and compassionate curiosity about such a historical occurence. I often have these experiences. That is where we meet. Rather than label marchers with ugliness or lump Trump supporters in with the KKK, we recognize the humanness of each other and the broad range of concerns.

So if you feel like you have a friend who has changed and you don't understand, maybe look at it another way. They probably are the same person that they have always been. They just never had the need to speak out until now.

If that doesn't work, and friends and family can't make some sort of peace, then we bleeding-heart liberals will be getting our therapy and listening to the Hamilton soundtrack for the next four years while not so quietly fighting for human rights.  Now if I could just afford the tickets.

March on my friends.

"I don't wanna fight, but I won't apologize for doin' what's right."
~Hamilton the Musical, Alexander Hamilton

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