Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Political Victims

"Things you don't need in your life targets you the most."
~Michael Bassy Johnson, Master of Maxims

In speaking over the last few weeks with people on the other side of the political fence there is one word that comes out over and over: victim. I can't tell you how many times I've been called a victim.

In the words of Inigo Montoya, "I do not think that word means what you think it means." And if you get that reference we were made to be friends.

In one way I have been the victim. I was personally slandered on social media because I joined a post "movement" where you shared where you went to public school. But because my middle son went to private school for one year someone decided to call me a hypocrite and invite others to criticize me. Apparently, if you celebrate public schools you hate any other form of education. Similar to how celebrating Christmas means you despise all other religion's holidays. You see the logic, right?

But when I speak out about our current government or defend myself or those I love from personal attacks I am called a victim. I don't see it. Fighting back is not the way of the victim.

You see I have four groups of people in my life right now. The first are the snowflakes like me hell bent on causing some frostbite and amputating some dangerous political limbs along the way. The second are my liberal and Independent friends who see the issues but remain quiet. The third are my Republican friends who know my stance and either partially understand it or know me well enough to know that politics is not personal unless we make it so. Then there is the fourth group, who wish I was a part of the second group, who take every political news story they don't agree with and somehow get their feelings hurt. An entire group who has dismissed me as hateful.

I just went back and looked at every political item I posted (not counting those on my wall by others) and except for one where the wording was misunderstood I can't find a single time I shed hate towards my Trump supporting friends. Not one. And I BEG you to show me specifically. Please! Enlighten me so I can do and be better. I will always own when I am wrong and be the first to apologize. I am far from perfect as you all know by now.

Yet I have been called stupid and a disgusting and shameful mother for taking my daughter to a historical march. I've been told that as a liberal I wouldn't know the truth if I fell over it. I've been called weak, a snowflake, and of course, a victim. Yet if I so much as try to defend myself, DEFEND being the word, because let's face it, you can only be insulted so many times by people who claim to be your friends before you have to say something. Right?

Wrong. What I've learned is there is no arguing. There is no defending. There is no point. When you are these things in the mind of someone who has decided all they want to do is hate these things the only answer is to apologize for even trying and walk away. They call it victim. I call it rational soul saving.

I'm not sure what the next four years will hold. The extreme supporters of our leader will always be so, even if lawsuits prove true and an impeachment happens.  But I will continue to try to be thoughtful and careful about what I say, post and share. My daily alternative facts will end when the government also stops doing their own. And most of all I will try to be kind to everyone. I have too often lately felt the hate so deeply I could barely function.

And apparently, I deserved it. Yet still, no one can show me how.

I'm waiting with an open mind and a willingness to change if needed.

Snowflake out.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The New Normal

"Talk less. Smile more. Don't let them know what you're against and what you're for."
~Aaron Burr, Hamilton the Musical

Sit down and shut up was the message sent loud and clear this past week to Elizabeth Warren from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. She wanted to read a letter written by Coretta Scott King 30 years ago in opposition to the appointment of Jeff Sessions to a Federal judgeship due to what King indicated was an abuse of power to hinder civil voting rights.

Make America Great Again: Now Sit Down and Shut Up.

This past week I've had some eye-opening conversations with some that still support this administration.  One friend pointed out that no one was as hard on Obama.

That's where I scratch my head and have to take a pause. People can look at this presidency as normal?

The president who this week stated in a speech that no one is smarter than he is.

The president who picks fights with our closest allies and offers the equivalent to political sexual favors to horrible dictators.

A man who Tweets insults to Federal Judges, telling the American people to blame them if bad things happen.

A man who Tweets insults to anyone who speaks out against him unless they work in the White House, then he just fires them.

A man who goes on national television and defends a leader who simply kills anyone who opposes him as not so different from us.

A man who tried to ban Muslims from seven countries, none of which has supplied us a terror attack, yet excluded the countries he holds businesses.

A man who claims millions voted for Clinton illegally and his inauguration was record breaking with not a shred of evidence on either claim.

A man who daily does something that makes most Americans face-palm, always showing he cares more about the size and importance of whatever he is doing or saying than what is truly relevant to our country.

This is just a sample. The list is staggering.

While the emperor finds his robe the helper trolls are there to make up fake massacres, use alternative facts, promote family businesses, reject the word "ban" after the president says it, and basically try to dance around every detail that makes this person seem not normal. Truly, Conway and Spicer should both automatically win the next Dancing With The Stars. Conway can take a question about why the president has not mentioned the white Trump supporter who committed the mosque shooting in Quebec and turn it into a list of Muslim terrorist attacks that happened in her alternative reality.

Give him a chance. That's what we are told. Give him a chance as he fills his administration with documented racists, homophobes or simply unqualified millionaires. Just wait. Because targeting an entire religion, insulting an entire ethnicity, turning our backs on people in desperate need of refuge, denying our environmental issues, and basically, systematically pushing to take away numerous human rights is nothing to be concerned about. Give him a chance as he goes against the Constitution continually, with his personal goals.

I believe his constitution has one line: The president can do whatever he wants as long as everyone else just sits down and shuts up.

I've had presidents I was not a fan of in my life. I thought Goerge W. was a bit of a flake and Bill Clinton wasn't my choice at the time. But I never feared them. This administration is terrifying. And people all over the country and the world continue to raise their voices for and with those who need it.

One person I know questioned why someone would protest things that don't apply to them. Because that's what you do when you look at your friend, your neighbor, your family member or even a society you have never met but see the violations and know in your foundation you cannot just smile more and talk less to please those who don't understand.

If every white person during Dr. King's civil rights movement decided it wasn't their fight because it didn't affect them it would have been a much longer fight.

So by all means, support this president. But if any of this is news to you, can I challenge you to find a different news source for a few days? Those rogue stations like NBC, CBS or ABC. There might be a good reason your station is named after an animal that is usually synonymous with being untrustworthy.

"She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted."
~Mitch McConnell, a.k.a The Turtle